Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

This service offers prototyping and production through additive manufacturing, as well as development of materials for additive manufacturing.
Additive manufacturing techniques allow:

– A rapid re-design of prototypes and products.
– An efficient way to test changes in production.
– Customization in production.
– Reduction of the volume of the materials used.
– Environmental advantages.


Through this service, we can help you study the feasibility to implement these techniques and innovate in your production.



Techniques and services offered

The techniques and services offered by the Central Services for Scientific and Technological Research and the Additive Manufacturing Technological Service, located in the Faculty of Sciences of the UCA, are the following:


– Deposition of molten polymers with a hot chamber.

It allows to realize prototypes and products made up of polymers that include different varieties of ABS, polyamide, polycarbonate and ULTEM (1010 and 9085).


– Prototyping using FDM at room temperature with polymer-based materials.

Deposition of molten polymeric wire (ABS or PLA) to make prototypes of medium size.

EQUIPMENT: Makerbot Replicator

– Prototyping in color:

1) With thermoplastic powders by binder injection, and

2) With paper injected with ink agglutinated layer by layer.


– Resin prototypes through digital light processing and stereolithography.

Prototypes of greater detail made in photosensitive resin.

EQUIPMENT: PROJET 1200 (3D SYSTEMS) y FORM1+ (Formlabs) .


Additional services

— 3D scanning. Reverse engineering. CAD design

– Thermal conductivity measurements.

– Micro- and nanoscale grinding.

– Coatings by spin-, dip- and spray-coating.

– Advice and consultancy on the improvement of its productive and innovative activity.